Aussie Art Consultants (AAC)

Aussie Art Consultants (AAC) is a full service art consultancy; with over 22 years experience in providing a personalized and professional art advisory and procurement service for the most demanding of clients across Australia. We primarily supply framed artwork prints, notice boards and mirrors.


Peter Eedy began AAC in 1988 when he first obtained superb photos by Phil Grey of the bi‐centennial celebration on Sydney harbour. He started supplying these photos to corporate offices with a great success. AAC then began expanding it’s stock to include other prints and posters for an expanding clientele. Today, we have access to 25,000 framed prints and limited editions; and we supply hotels, restaurants, motels, nursing homes, retirement villages, hospitals, offices, units and homes with works of art.


We also have access to one of the biggest ranges of limited editions in Australia. We are continually expanding our stock with the very latest in art images. Additionally, we carry everything from modern contemporary prints and photography through to indigenous, traditional Australian and impressionist imagery.