We have developed a unique ‘pop out’ picture-frame that can be made from any design of timber moulding to suit your décor, and for any frame size you require. It is designed so the public can only see it as a normal high quality frame. Our pop out picture frame allows you to ‘pop out’ the front of the frame and change your art works, certificates or advertising with ease. It can also be utilized as a notice board. Please see photos below to describe this process.


Our Pop Out Frame is easy to use: The frame is so simple in design, a child can operate it. Simply place a finger behind the frame, pop out the Perspex glazing which is attached via a magnetic fitting. Replace your print or document into the frame and simply snap the Perspex back into position. Pop Out Frame Specifications:

  • Can be security mounted, so it cannot be taken off the wall
  • Can be hung like a normal picture frame.
  • Can be supplied in any size from A4 up to 150cm x 100 cm and any shape you require.
  • Our pop out picture-frames are approximately the same cost as our normal picture frames.


Our unique pop out frame has a huge variety of uses:

  • Clubs and Social Venues use our pop out frame for advertising their new artists performing each week.
  • Alzheimer’s units use our pop out frame where current occupants of units need a photo to remind them of their personal unit. When they eventually leave the facility, the new occupant can place their own photo into our pop out frame.
  • Businesses and Performance Venues use our pop out frame to display their ‘Performer of the month’ / ‘Employee of the month’ with ease.
  • Our clients use our pop out frame to easily rotate their art from one corridor or level to another. Our frame allows them to do this without having to remove or dismantle the frame.
  • Community centres use our pop out frames as they make excellent notice boards.