Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the contemporary art market with long standing personal connections with artists and dealers. We operate a transparent procurement methodology that gives our clients confidence that they are receiving the best value for money. We have a proven process of working with clients and their architects. This is to confirm an appropriate brief for the art programme that meets the client’s communication objectives; optimises the space available for artwork and integrates fully with the architecture and interior design, all within agreed budget guidelines.


Peter_EedyPeter Eedy Managing Director Art Consultant

Peter began Aussie Art Consultants in 1988. He first obtained superb photos by Phil Grey of the bi-centennial celebration on Sydney harbour. He started supplying these photos to corporate offices with a great success. Peter has worked for the last 22 years as the Managing Director of Aussie Art Consultants. Alongside this, he is also the Director of “Host a Murder” and has a beautiful villa in Fiji that he rents out for holidays. As a trained chef, he also served an apprenticeship at the Royal Sydney Golf Club where he cooked for Prince Charles. He worked at the Royal Palace Garden Hotel in London, which employed 120 chefs. He was also the second chef at the Cafe De Paris, Montréal and won the “Golden Fork Award” three years running when he was head chef at Le Chardon Restaurant in Paddington, Sydney.